Margo and James
Margo & James
Margo and James met online and had their first date on February 5th, 2004. They have been together ever since...

Margo recently joined the Burlington English Company as a Customer Manager, consulting with school districts, charter schools, and colleges regarding the implementation of online distance learning programs. After spending the majority of her adult life in public education and receiving her master's degree in education as well as her principal certification, Margo has embarked on a new career path that promises to utilize all her wonderful talents and experience.

James continues his law and mediation practice in San Antonio. As an attorney-mediator, he devotes all of his efforts to resolving a wide variety of legal disputes that are court-ordered. As such, quite often parties need not pursue their matters to trial, and cases are settled without clogging the legal system. James is in his fifth year of publishing a monthly mediation newsletter that is read by hundreds of attorneys.

Though they remain in San Antonio, Margo and James plan to make more extended trips to Minnesota. Having endured the hottest/muggiest weather in July and the coldest/windiest weather in January, Margo still loves Minnesota and especially Lake Pepin. And though moving to the area is not likely in the very near future, they hope to reach a point where they can do that. (Jimbo really, really misses the water!)

Margo & James
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